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Q: What are crystals?

A: Crystals are a currency dropped from mobs. They are used to purchase items from the Crystal Trader, who shows up on Sundays.

Q: What are community bowls?

A: Community bowls are items that are to be turned at at /warp bowls. They are added to a count and, every 2 weeks, are added up and given rewards based on the amount the entire server collected. The more everyone collects, the better the rewards are.

Q: When is the next event?

A: All events can be checked at on the events page. Other events can be checked with /sdl, /sdt, or /sct in-game.

Q: How do I link my account to enjin?

A: This link will teach you how to link your account.

Q: How do I apply for staff?

A: In-game, type /apply or click here. Make sure to spend some time on the server before you do apply, and don't forget to put a lot of detail into the application. Quality, not quantity.

Q: How do I get points?

A: Points can be obtained in many ways. You can get them from crates, voting, vote parties, miniature drop parties, server events, /buy, and more!

Q: How do I disable PvP Protection?

A: PvP Protection is there so you don't die in 10 minutes. If you really want to remove it, do /pvp disable

Q: What are ces?

A: Ces are Custom Enchantments. If you do /ce you can obtain them there using xp. These will greatly increase your gear's power.

Q: How do I raid bases?

A: Many bases will require a cannon to raid. Most bases have different types of walls, making you change your cannon. Here is a video on how to make a hybrid TNT cannon. Here is a tutorial on almost every cannon and how to cannon.

Q: What are bosses and where do they spawn?

A: Bosses are enhanced and powerful mobs, who drop special rewards. Bosses can drop armor, weapons, xp, xp boosters, ce books, keys, key boxes, and more. Be careful though, these bosses are very difficult and can kill even people in gsets. The best way to fight bosses is with your faction members or allies, as when a boss dies everyone in a radius of it gets a reward. Bosses can be spawned from a spawn egg. For more information on bosses click this link. Please note that trapping or exploiting is not allowed.

Q: I can't claim land for my faction!

A: If you are a high enough rank in your faction, but are unable to claim due to receiving this message "(Faction Name) can't afford $1 to buy this land", then you need to deposit some money in your faction bank. To do so, do ./f money deposit (amount).

Q: Are barriers or bedrock unbreakable?
A: Barriers and bedrock can only be broken with TNT. Bedrock takes 50 hits of TNT to break and barriers take 150 hits.

Q: Why can't I fly?

A: In order to fly you must be Divine rank, have a fly voucher, or own wings boots. Wings is a custom enchant that allows you to fly in your faction territory. If you do have /fly, but it does not work this may be because you are wearing wings boots. Wings is not compatible with /fly, so you must either take off your boots or remove the wings enchant.

Q: Where can I see all the permissions for my rank?

A: You can see all perms that Apprentice-Divine rank gets by clicking here.

Q: What happens when the season resets?

A: When a reset occurs and the season is over, there is a map reset. This means that all factions, items, buildings, etc are gone. However, ranks, points, kits, gkits, and vkits all stay the same after a reset. You can see when the season will reset by doing /season in-game.

Q: I just saw a hacker! What should I do?

A: If you see a hacker, please tell a staff member right away. If there is no staff member online at the time, create a player report on the forums.

Q: Why can't I post anything on the forums?

A: Make sure that you are logged into your enjiin account and have joined the website. To join the website, simply click the "Join Website" button on the top right corner of your screen, next to your avatar.

Q: I just got x-rayed!

A: If you believe you were x-rayed, ask a staff member to check to check it out. If someone did indeed x-ray your base, they will be banned immediately.

Q: What is Faction Fued?

A: Faction Feud is an event similar to Family Feud. Anyone with a Faction Feud token is able to participate in this event. In Faction Feud, two players step up on the "stage". When a question is asked, the first person to press their button will get to answer. If they answer correctly, they get one point. Answer incorrectly, and the other person gets a chance to answer. If both people answer incorrectly, every member on the first team will get a chance to answer the question. If none of them get it correct, everyone on the second team will get to answer. Assuming that no one answers the question correctly, no points will be awarded and the game continues. The first team to 7 points wins. The winning team gets big rewards, so make sure that you get a Family Feud token when they are available!

Q: How do I withdraw points?

A: In-game, type /pw (amount). Make sure you account is linked first or it won't work!

Q: Can I join a fac?

A: /f create (name) or check #faction-recruitment in the Discord. Make sure not to flood the chat asking to join a Faction.

Can I have ranks?

A: No

Can you do a dp?

A: No

Can you trade me something FrontierGamers?

A: No

Can you give me items?

A: No

Can you make me a base?

A: No

Special thanks to everyone for contributing to the FAQ. If you would like to contribute, mail me in-game (/mail send frontiergamers (your question) and /mail send frontiergamers (the answer)) or reply to this thread.