Name: Tucker
IGN: Korrect
Why you were banned/muted: Exploiting
(Optional)Who banned/muted you: FrontierGamers
Why you think you should be unbanned/unmuted: I should be unbanned because I never exploited, my friend asked if he can kill me 7 times, I then said Ill kill you 8 times, as a joke, he then goes on to tell me to jump out of spawn and to kill him, he jumps out of spawn into the warzone, I then just stare at him, because I was taunting him, I was never going to exploit this glitch, because I knew it would lead a ban.
(Optional)Why you think you were banned unfairly: I never exploited in the first place.
(Optional)Any proof that the ban was unfair/incorrect (Screenshots, Videos, etc.):