Reset :D

By [Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years - Posted Dec 3, 17

Hello everyone! The reset has finally came, and we have made QUITE a few changes! This post will go over every change and state the new rules for the reset.

  • Reset - All maps have been reset, along with players. This also means your powerboosts are gone. (so sad ik)
  • Ranks - Ranks have been removed, and the ones you have bought are being given back to you. There is a new rank layout (new names!).
  • Cannoning - Cannoning is no longer retarded.
  • Lava - After the raiding grace period ends, lava will be scatterable!
  • Nether - Water will be allowed inside of the nether.
  • End - The end is now flat.
  • Outposts - A new outpost will appear at the end of the raiding grace period.
  • Reset items - All existing players have received 200 points! (There were a lot of players, so I had to minimize the output).
  • Kill trackers - Kill trackers are now in the store.
  • Power boosts - 10 player power boosts and 50 faction power boosts are in the store.
  • Trench Pickaxes - After these are optimized (they are out), they will be added to the store.
  • Voucher, Spawner, and Specialty Crates - These keys have been added to the store!
  • Spawner Crate - The spawner crate is not fully done (this is due to server issues), but it'll be out by tomorrow.
  • Enchantments - Custom Enchantments are limited to a max of 7.
  • Genbuckets - Genbuckets are much more pricy now, making it harder to create a full wall.
  • Item Filters - Item Filters should now work properly after Keep Inventory is disabled.
  • New KoTH - 2 new KoTH maps will be released a week (this means 1 map this week, and the other the next).
  • Boss spawning - Bosses no longer spawn in the wild.
  • Events - There is a new event! This event is a randomized event type, meaning you can get any event on a pre-defined list (which I am keeping to myself so it's more fun, but none of them are stupid trust me).
  • Uncommon and Epic - Uncommon and Epic enchant books and crates are now gone.
  • New IPs - The new website is or, if you prefer, The new server IP is or or, if you prefer,
  • Economy - Fixed most, if not all, of the economy glitches.
  • Player Vaults - Players now have less PVs than they used to (sorry!).
  • Rules - The server rules have been changed.
  • Warzone - The warzone was expanded by 2 chunks.
  • Power - Max power has been set to 10, minimum power has been set to -10, and power loss on death is -2.5.
  • Quests - Added a use for Quest Tokens (will be enabled after the nether is released).

Now for all of the server reset info...

  • Season 11, start date of 12/3, end date of 2/TBD
  • Raiding will be disabled for the first week. Any raiding will result in a 1 day ban.
  • Keep Inventory will be enabled for the first 24 hours.
  • Silverfish spawners are NOT where they should be (or are they?).
  • Nether enabled in 12/8 and the end on 12/10.
  • Corner claiming will not be allowed until 12/5.
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