Update v1.2

By [Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years - Posted Dec 9, 17


  • FTop Crate - This crate is awarded to f top 1, 2, and 3 every week!
  • Spawner Crate - This crate contains every spawner currently available!
  • Water - Water can now be placed in the Nether.
  • New World - This world contains many possibilities! There is NO bedrock floor, the world contains 1.5x more ores than the overworld, and has custom mobs that are passive and drop large rewards!
  • Harvester Hoes - Harvester hoes will be added to allow you to rape your sugar cane.
  • Enchanting - Enchanting through enchantment tables is going to be much better!
  • Reverse genbuckets - Reverse genbuckets are coming!
  • Autosell chests - Auto sell chests will allow you to sell all the items in that chest on a set interval.
  • Shop - Trapped chests and chests are added to the shop along with all prices fixed for it.
  • Ghast spawners - Ghast spawners drop emeralds now!
  • Board - There is now a new scoreboard on the screen.
  • Ads - They're like voting, but you watch a video and get rewards up to every 5 minutes.
  • Spawners - Spawners now cost money to mine.
  • Territory Logout - You can no longer log out in territory that isn't yours and stay there! You will now be sent to spawn.
  • Ghast spawners - Ghast spawners will have a value of $3mil


  • N/A


  • kit2 - Changed so you had your kit2 for your rank, rather than the old rank's.
  • F top rewards - I was looking at how NO ONE EVER PUTS up spawners for /f top so now I have fixed that. Check new /season rewards.
  • Trading - We changed trading plugins, so trading looks a bit different; most of the bugs should be fixed.
  • Help - The /help screen now looks much cleaner compared to the old one.
  • Homes - You must now be allied to set a home inside of another faction's claims.
  • TNTFill - TNTFill is now much, much larger.
  • TNTCraft - TNTCraft has been setup to automatically get certain resources for you.
  • Silverfish spawners - Their value has been changed to $100mil
  • Voting - Voting is now a little bit stronger, giving you more of a reason to vote.


  • Crates - Some crates' rewards were not reaching 100%.
  • Points - Points wouldn't withdraw correctly.
  • Sell Wands - Sell wands didn't do anything.
  • Voting - Epic keys weren't being given to players.
  • Flex points - Points from /kit flex weren't working.
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