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By [Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years - Posted Dec 29, 17

Hello everyone! I would like to inform you all of the network that will be coming up soon! Here are some things that will be happening:

1. ArmonicPvP will still exist, but it will become the network base. Now, what does this mean? This means that the Factions server will become the network hub, and all the files from the Factions server will be moved to a new server. This also means that upon connecting to the server, you will default to Factions.

2. There won't be any resets, but there will be some downtime. The server will have to go down so we can move all the files and prepare.

3. KitPvP is coming. I've been working for about a week now on preparing the KitPvP server. It will undergo beta testing, and all of the final bugs will be fixed.

4. Ranks will NOT carry over. This is pretty saddening, because I actually wanted to do this. There's just no possible way for me to make ranks carry over without creating a Bungeecord permissions plugin from scratch and telling it very specific AI commands that a human would have to train it to do.

5. The website will be split. When you view the website, you will see everything hasn't really changed, except that there will be some nice arrows that will drop down for the forums, the donation store, the events, and the help section. 

6. Points WILL carry over. Although ranks won't be transferred, all of your points will! I've decided to do this to attempt to compensate.

7. Updates will be merged. Rather than me saying the updates for each server individually, each server's updates will come out at the exact same time.

8. Updates will most likely be every other week OR weekly. Depending on how busy I get, updates could become slower. Of course, I know that updates allow you all to have more content and keep you all coming back; that's why I will try my hardest to get them out every single week.

I hope you all will enjoy the new KitPvP server :)

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