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The time has come for the start of Season 12! Season 12 is focused around making the server's PvP experience much better. Everything in this update is finalized and will be updated as I continue to work. The server will be released Friday, 1/26 at 6:00 PM EST.


  • VKits - VKits are now here! These kits will become progressively better as you upgrade them.
  • VKit Bosses - This is how you will obtain the VKit.
  • Alias to /customec open - The alias is /ec.
  • Alias to /wild - The alias is /rtp.
  • Duel Kits - There is now an Archer kit in /duel
  • 2 new Duel Arenas - There are 2 more duel arenas for you to mess around with now!
  • Faction Warps - Depending on the rank of your Faction leader, you can set up to 7 Faction Warps.
  • Headshots - Bows can now headshot for 3x damage!
  • Sand GenBuckets - Sand GenBuckets have been added to /buy for any of you all who want one.
  • Non-Scatterable Lava - Lava can no longer be scatterable. This is due to the fact that cannoning was fixed in the last season.
  • Potion Shop - There is now a Potion Shop in /shop to allow you to purchase some strong potions.
  • Void Stacking - This will allow you to stack sand onto the void.
  • Better Sand Stacking - This should allow you to stack much more sand at a time.
  • Titan Rank - This is a new rank containing a lot of new features.
  • Bans Reset - The bans have reset.
  • Mutes Reset - The mutes have reset.
  • Souls - Souls will be used for Fortune Enchantments!


  • Special Mobs - By demand, these mobs have been removed.
  • Grind Keys - These have been removed because of Special Mobs.
  • Shard Trader - This has been removed because of Special Mobs.
  • Wither Raiding - Wither Raiding is no longer possible.
  • Cave World - About 3-4 player visits a day to the world, with about 2 minutes of playtime avg. That should explain it all.


  • Quests - Quests have received a HUGE buff.
  • Outposts - Outposts now give items every few minutes.
  • TNTFill - TNTFill is now much larger and has different mechanics for filling.
  • Instant Crates - All crates can now be open instantly.
  • PotionPvP Kits - The bows in these /duel kits have been removed.
  • SupplyCrates - SupplyCrates last longer (also if you didn't know if you get every crate you just got an easy 15mil)
  • CEs - CEs have received buffs and nerfs. The max ce level is also 5 now. Find out the new meta...
  • GenBucket Cost - Cobblestone GenBuckets are much cheaper now.
  • Kits - Kit2 kits now give keys, while regular kits give armor. The normal kit cooldowns are now 3 days.
  • KoTH - KoTH has moved to the warzone, happens every 3 hours, and now has 2 places.
  • Traders - Traders were slightly changed.
  • Flying - You may no longer fly in the end. This is to give some purpose to its huge void.
  • Monthly Crate Armor - Monthly Crate Armor got a buff to it's protection and it's durability.
  • Factions - Factions can now have 15 players (max of 20) and players have 20 power (max of 40).
  • Buffer Limit - The buffer limit is now 20.


  • Enchanter GKit - The Enchanter GKit's XP now works.
  • Boss Arena - The Stonefist can now take and deal damage.
  • Monthly Crate Armor - Monthly Crate Armor now shows enchantments correctly.
  • Fortune Books - Fortune Books can now be obtained.

Extra Info:

  • Raiding will be disabled for 1 week
  • The Nether will release 3 days in
  • The End will release 1 week in
  • Keep Inventory will be enabled for 1 day
  • You may not corner claim or bitch claim for 1 day
  • There will be 10x Voting Rewards for 10 minutes and 5x voting rewards for the next day.

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