By [Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years - Posted Mar 3, 18

Hooray! The server is finally up! Here's what's new.


  • Dungeons - Dungeons are a new addition, giving an extremely hard task for extremely good loot.
  • Faction Upgrades - Faction Upgrades will let you grow your faction into something stronger!
  • Soul Trackers - Track souls from player kills!
  • Kill Trackers - Track the kills on your weapons!
  • Block Break Trackers - Track how many blocks you've broken!
  • /smite to Titan - Titan rank got even better!
  • Slot Machines - These will release along with corners.
  • Flex Events, Ms, and Mega Points are back - Thank Red for doing all the things with them!
  • Head Hunting - Kill a player and get 10% of their balance!
  • Spawners - Spawners will no longer burn in lava!
  • World Borders - World borders in the overworld, nether, and end have changed to 8k, 3k, and 1.5k!
  • Printer - Printer is now allowed! Hooray!


  • Bans, Mutes, Warnings - Every single one has reset!


  • CEs - CEs now have a max of 8 (9 for Titan) instead of 11.
  • HeadShot - Headshot is a fortune enchantment now.
  • SupplyCrates - Supplycrates have received a 150% buff!
  • Ban Message - The ban message has been updated.
  • Spawners - Spawner mining is now 60k.
  • IGs - IGs stack to 20 rather than 10.
  • Cactus - Cactus has a 50% lower sell price.
  • TNTCraft - Now works without sand.
  • Power - Power loss is 10 and the max is 40.


  • SellWands - SellWands now work.
  • Floating SupplyCrates All the crates are on the ground now.

Now for some statements about the reset:

Corners release at 12PM EST on 3/4
There is no raiding until 12PM EST on 3/10
The end will release at 12PM EST on 3/10
The nether will release at 12PM EST on 3/6

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