Update v1.1

By [Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years - Posted Mar 19, 18


  • Red Points - Ask Red what they're for.
  • Hades VKit  - A new VKit consisting of extremely strong armor!
  • New Weekly KoTH - This KoTH will happen once a week and will contain special Guardian spawners!
  • 5th PV - Titans now get a 5th PV.
  • Duels - Added 2 new duel maps for you all to enjoy!


  • N/A


  • Spawners - Spawners now cost 85k to mine.
  • Bosses - Bosses do less damage.
  • KoTH - Added more KoTH rewards and buffed them a bit.
  • Bosses - Bosses now do actual damage rather than ignoring your armor.


  • SellWands - SellWands will now be given to you from /buy!
  • Trench Pickaxes - Trench Pickaxes had weird names for some reason, but they've been fixed.
  • XP - XP can now be obtained in your claims.
  • Stacked Mobs - Stacked Mobs no longer die extremely fast to crushers, and Iron Golems now die in stacks like they should.
  • Tab - Tab was extremely ugly. That's changed!
  • Lucky GKit - Lucky GKit had a ; in the Valor enchantment.
  • Desert Outpost - Desert Outpost couldn't be capped.
  • Duels - Duels were completely broken.
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