[Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years posted Nov 23, 18

Dec. 23rd everyone!

[Member] Red_bold am i supposed to be impressed or happy
[Sage] SSGSSVegetto ay front hows it going man


[Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years posted May 5, 18

Here's the update log for this reset!


  • New Spawn - There's a new spawn to go along with a new theme!
  • Custom Terrain - The warzone now has custom trees.
  • Waterproof Redstone - This will allow cannoners to prevent their redstone from being broken by water when their cannon blows up!
  • Custom Mob Drops - These custom drops are unique to each mob, making them have a very specific reason to grind each one!
  • Chunk Loaders - You can now buy a chunk loader to keep your chunks loaded!
  • Scatterable Lava - Lava is now scatterable, making it so regens no longer work.
  • Flat Bedrock - The end now has flat bedrock at y=1!


  • Fortune Books - Until we get their bug fixed, they have been removed (sort of).
  • Dungeons - Dungeons no longer exist. They will be replaced by something else, however.


  • Rank Names - Ranks have been completely renamed to fit the new theme of the server.
  • Spawner Plugin - The new plugin will allow players to stack their spawners, convert them, and more!
  • Iron Golems - Iron Golems have been changed to Guardians. You can only get Iron Golems from specific places now.
  • Enchant Books - CE books are now rarer to find, making you have to grind more.
  • XP - XP is now harder to get from crates, making you have to grind more for the XP.
  • /feed cooldown - The /feed cooldown was reduced by 33%.
  • Item Nametags - Item Nametags are cheaper, allowing you to get more customized items.
  • Crates - All crates are now instant.
  • Genbuckets - Genbuckets are now Cobblestone blocks, allowing you to print them easily.


  • Bosses - Bosses were broken, but they're fixed now!
  • Insta Break Sponge - I'm 99.999999999% sure that sponge should be able to be broken in 1 hit now.

Now for some basic reset rules:

  • No raiding for 1 week
  • No bitch claiming for 3 days
  • Keep Inventory is enabled for 1 day
  • The nether will release after 3 days
  • The end will release after 5 days
  • There will be 5x voting rewards for the first day
  • There will be a 90% off sale for the first day

Update v1.3

[Owner] FrontierGamers Hero2 Years3 Years posted Apr 16, 18


  • Casino - /warp casino
  • Crop Hoppers - Crop Hoppers will become avaliable from /buy within the next 24 hours!
  • New Weekly /ftop Rewards - /ftop 1 will now get $10 PayPal or $15 BuyCraft along with their other rewards!
  • /discord - New command to join the Discord.
  • Enderpearling - You can't enderpearl through the world border now!
  • MVP Players - Check the Discord for info on this one.
  • Gamebox - /gb got a little update to it!
  • Chance Cubes - Chance Cubes are an item that will give you a random strong item or give you something bad!
  • Crystal Wands - Crystal Wands are now a feature in the game.
  • Lux Sword - This sword is to complete the weapon trio!


  • /nick - Only Titan and MVP players will have access to /nick from now on.


  • Power - Power now starts at full for new players.
  • Power Regen - Power regen has been doubled.
  • Chat - The [] in your /ftop ranking has been removed.
  • Tenebris Bow - The Tenebris bow was way too strong, so I nerfed most of its stats.
  • Luna Hammer - No one used the Luna Hammer, so I tripled its damage!
  • Iron Golems - IGs stack to 100 now, which should reduce lag.
  • Mobs - Mobs no longer have a stack max.
  • Bosses - Bosses have received a slight damage nerf.
  • Crystal Rods - Crystal Rods are now Unbreaking IV.
  • Faction Leader Prefix - The prefix has been changed from ** to ~.
  • Chat Flood - Chat Flood is now 5 messages in 5 seconds.
  • Exploiting - Exploiting is now a 1 week, 2 week, and 1 month ban.


  • End /fly Bypass - You can no longer glitch /fly in the End.
  • Spawner Mining - You can't bypass the cost for mining spawners anymore.
  • Dupe Glitch - You can no longer duplicate items using Zombies.
  • Quester & Tutorial - Left Clicking them now will open the Quest Scrolls GUI/ take you to /warp tutorial.
  • Sagent - Sagent has been changed to Sage on the book.
  • Power - Power will now successfully regenerate.
  • Staffs - Staffs can't be used in /spawn anymore.
  • /shop - Potions in /shop now actually work!
[Member] Xyhro Is there a new IP? When I log into the servers using it says refused, no further information.
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